Overview of MatrixStats


MatrixStats is the web site statistics software system we provide to our customers. It provides a full suite of tools for analysing who your visitors are, where they go, and where they come from. Once installed you access it using the URL provided.

The default page for MatrixStats is the usage summary for the previous day.

    Screenshot of Usage by Analysis

Server Activity Totals

  • Total Sessions Served - The total number of unique visits to the site
  • Total Hits - The total number of requests made to the site
  • Total Page Hits - The total number of requests for pages
  • Total Non-Page Hits - The number of requests for files other than pages (e.g. downloads, images etc.)
  • Total Session Duration - The sum of the amount of time between the first and last hits of all sessions in the time range

Server Activity Averages

  • Total Sessions Served: This provides an average of the total sessions from the time period which is selected
  • Average Hits Per Session:- Page views per session breakdown
  • Average Page Hits Per Session:- A count of the amount of page requests made during each session. A session may have made no page requests if the visitor only requested an image, or downloaded a file from the site. Check the 'spongers' report for other sites that may be using such images if there are a large number of 0-page-requested sessions.
  • Average Session Duration:- Time spent per session breakdown
  • Average Transfer/Session:- A categorised count of the amount of time spent during each visit to the site (rounded down to the nearest section). The duration of a session is the amount of time between the first and last request made. The date range of reports can be altered by using the calendar to the top left of the MatrixStats site.

Who's On

The Who's On report shows a detailed view of sessions that are currently in progress (i.e. current visitors) including each session's geographic location, IP address, hit count, and bandwidth usage. Click on the magnifying glass next to each entry for more information such as a complete log of requests for each session.

Note: Geographic information may not always be available, as MatrixStats has to retrieve this information from databases around the Internet. Sessions are timed-out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

    Screenshot of Who's On Facility


Another often used feature is the view showing who has directed visitors to your site This can be accessed in the "Referrers" section of the menu - choose the "Search Engines" option:

     Screenshot of Referrers by Search Engines

You can also use the features within Referrers to determine which key words and phrases visitors are entering into search engines to find your site. This section shows specific web site pages visited and helps you find broken links to your site.